I)Resources at the U:

1. International Student Resources

2. Marriott Library

3. Campus Recreation Services

4. Continuing Education

5. Career Services

6. The MUSE Project

7. Natural History Museum of Utah

8. Utah Museum of Fine Arts

9. Housing & Residential Education

10. Activities at the University Student Apartments

11. Activities at the Heritage Center (Life at the U)


II) ASUU Student Groups (Search for a student group of your interest):
Notable Examples of Student Group:
1. Cross Culture Club
2. International Student Council
3. Graduate and Lady Scientists
4. Organization of Women in Science
5. Toastmasters Key Club


III) Resources outside the U:

1. The Salt Lake City Public Library System:

2. Utah Driver License Division:

There is no limit to exploration. There are various activities in the Salt Lake City Area which can be explored (cooking, knitting, beading, language exchange groups, fitness groups, outdoor activity groups) by either searching online or by networking with fellow international and local colleagues. All the best for your stay at the U!!